The Best Selling Arlo Pro Wireless Home Security Camera


The world leader Arlo pro in home networking and smart home security products introduces the next generation of the award-winning Arlo Pro camera. The new Arlo Pro wireless security camera includes all the best features that have made Arlo Pro the world’s best-selling security camera. It now has even more powerful features to meet the needs of its customers. Arlo Pro includes high-quality 720p HD video, a solar-powered plug-in option, and Amazon Alexa ™ support for live surveillance of your cameras from Echo Show and TVs connected to Fire TV.

The Arlo Pro weather resistant cameras can be placed almost anywhere. With its sleek, compact design and discreet profile. the Arlo Pro Wireless Security Camera System keeps a discreet but watchful eye on your home and business, your loved ones, employees, pets and visitors alike inside out. porch in the back garden by rain, snow or sun. In addition, with the Arlo solar panel (sold separately), rechargeable batteries can remain fully charged with only a few days of full sun.

With video captured now at 720p, Arlo Pro cameras record crisp HD video that zooms in for even more accurate detail. Just pinch to zoom in the Arlo app to highlight an area to view the video within incredible clarity. It is a 130-degree field of view everyone angle, night vision is dark and advanced best motion detection technology equip the new Arlo Pro to capture every moment with exceptional clarity.

Arlo pro motion detection

The Arlo Pro also includes a built-in speaker and microphone for two-way communication. The base station is equipped with a siren that can be triggered remotely, by motion detection or by audio. These audio features let you listen to everything that is happening at home or in your business and control it remotely via the Arlo app on a smartphone. Whether you’re talking to the delivery person, children or pets, monitoring the cleaning crew or dealing with intruders, it’s never been easier to stop crimes, mischief or neglect – before that happens.

Arlo Pro offers additional benefits when plugged in indoors. This latest member of the Arlo family detects motion and can start recording videos even faster. With the new Look Back pre-recording feature available when the camera is plugged in, video moments are captured even before motion activity is detected. Looking back creates a video recording with three seconds of film before the event fires, providing a more complete picture of what has happened. Motion activity areas are also supported with Arlo Pro.

Video recording

Create a custom activity area, plug Arlo security camera  into an outlet and highlight the specific areas you want to monitor through the application. Notifications will be sent via the app to your mobile device when motion is detected in this area. You can also subscribe to the Continuous Video Recording (CVR) option, a pay-per-view package that captures video continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you never miss a beat.

The basic Arlo package is included in the purchase of the camera system. It covers up to five (5) cameras and provides seven (7) days of free cloud storage for the life of the product. All service plans for Arlo Pro 2, as well as other Arlo Smart Home security cameras, are designed to allow the customer to determine how long each video is stored and how many cameras are connected. Subscription-based optional service plans are available for Arlo systems with more than five cameras.

Smart Arming / Disarming feature

You can also switch to CVR to keep non-stop records in the cloud for viewing at any time of the day. Arlo Pro includes a new Smart Arming / Disarming feature that allows cameras to be active based on your schedule or location.

To make the security of your smart home even more intuitive and efficient, Arlo Pro can be connected to smart home devices via platforms such as IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings®. Using Arlo Skill for Amazon Alexa, you can view live streams or recorded videos from an Arlo camera, on the Amazon Echo Show ™ screen, or

NETGEAR Arlo Pro Company Products

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These products are available in multiple configurations to meet end-user needs in each region in which the best company’s products are sold. NETGEAR products are sold at approximately 30,000 points of sale worldwide and at approximately 24,000 value-added sales, as well as multiple large cable, mobile, and wireline service providers around in the world.

The company’s headquarters are located in San Jose, California, with additional offices in approximately 25 countries. More information is available on the NETGEAR investor page.. Connect within  NETGEAR on Twitter, Facebook, and our Article.

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