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The Secrets To Designing A Semi-Open Kitchen Layout

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Are you confused about which type of kitchen style you should opt for? Some people prefer a closed kitchen layout, while others recommend an open setting. The contrasting suggestions can often be a cause for confusion, leaving you none the wiser from where you started in the first place.

One way to get out of this constant turmoil is to get in touch with the best kitchen decor services in your vicinity. All you have to do is find the best home kitchen interior design experts who can guide you through the entire planning and execution process.

Along with their spectacular industry experience you also need to gain basic information about the variety of options available to you to design your kitchen. One such option to put an end to your turmoil by opting for a semi-open kitchen layout.

A semi-open kitchen layout allows you to enjoy the perks of open as well as closed kitchen layouts. However, for somebody relatively inexperienced it would be difficult to determine what should be included in a semi-open kitchen setting.

Discussed below are some essential yet classic elements which you can include in your semi-open kitchen design-

Sliding Door

Households that have an enclosed kitchen usually do not prefer a sliding door for their kitchens. However, when you opt for an exceptional design for your kitchen why not make it look more appealing. A sliding glass door is one brilliant way to give an attractive look to your kitchen.

Apart from the appearance, this glass door also brings in additional light to your kitchen. As compared to other normal doors which offer limited view these sliding doors are comprised of multiple panels with gaps.

These gaps allow for free air circulation and you also have the advantage of keeping the door partially open.

Service window

If you do not want your visitors to get a complete view of your kitchen, you can simply introduce a cut-out within the front kitchen wall. This way, your guests can view only a section of your kitchen from the living room.

You no longer have to be worried about any unorganised shelves/cabinets being surveyed by your guests. Also, you can continue your conversation with your guests while you are preparing your meals and they are sitting in the family room. Above all, you do not have to carry all the preparations out of your kitchen to the dining room.

Instead, all you have to do is pass it across the wall. Yet another advantage of this setting is that your countertop is not always occupied with food and you enjoy sufficient empty space.

Consider a higher partition

If you do not find any of the above options attractive then what you can do is construct a high partition. A simple high partition makes your kitchen look simple yet elegant.

Your visitors do get a sneak peek of your beautiful kitchen, especially the countertop which tends to be messy while preparing meals. Generally, homemakers prefer a partition of 8-10 inches above the countertop for such a kitchen setting.

This partition also prevents any pungent smell from spreading to the rest of the house. As a precautionary measure, you can make use of home-made diffusers so that your kitchen also does not hold on to the odour for a long period.

Frameless glass

If you are in the habit of keeping your kitchen spick and span round the clock and are comfortable with allowing anyone to walk into it at any given point in time, you can opt for a frameless glass for your kitchen door.

This frameless-clear glass acts as a partition between your kitchen and the other room. Your guests get a clear sight of you while you are working on your culinary skills. Additionally, the smell of your food is less likely to travel to other rooms inside your home.

Moreover, this glass partition can easily go unnoticed if the person is walking in for the first time. You can also enjoy the sight of guests having a good time in the other room.

This setting is extremely beneficial for households with kids as you can keep a tab on your child’s activities right from your kitchen.

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