Bermuda triangle

Top 5 Mysterious Places in the World


Doesn’t matter if you are a fanatic of conspiracy theories, mysterious stories, supporter of Hitler, a supernatural admirer, or even if you are someone who just fancy being a tourist place and search for something different- this list of the mysterious places in the world is sure to have something to stimulate the interest.

Some places are just right to treat those eerie and magnificent interests in the ethereal. Some areas are fantastic places to travel to, while everything about these places promises mystery in abundance.

1.The Bermuda triangle, Atlantic Ocean

We all have seen and heard about the mysterious stories of the Bermuda triangle- disappearing of people, stories of lost ships, crashed, etc. have been, till date, coming out of the Bermuda water for centuries.

It is also recognized as the Devil’s Triangle. Some suggest it is due to magnetic irregularities that throw compasses off direction, while others say it is due to tropical cyclones. For some, it isn’t even a mystery. With the sun-flapped islands of Turks and Caicos indicating in the south and the bays of Bermuda in the north.

2.The Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

With Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ popularity, the Banff Springs hotel is reportedly the haven of ghost stories and strange occurrences. Locals speak of an incident wherein an entire family was killed in room no. 873. Some have reported seeing the doorman who disappears in the air.

However, if you are into paranormal, you’d enjoy being here. The hotel has a Scottish Baronial architecture, and it is covered by the heights of Canadian Rockies and proffers entry to the famous ski fields of Banff and Jasper.

3.Crooked Forest, Poland

In western Poland, near Gryfino town, located a strange forest known as a crooked forest. The forest is known for its curved shapes formed trees. This forest embodies 400 pine trees that grow at an angle of 90 degrees; it is believed that the trees were sowed in the 1930s and it is regarded that the trees were 7-8 years old at the time they started forming an unusual shape.

Some believe that it is due to some gravitational forces, though there isn’t any substantial proof to validate this fact as the force of gravity would pull an object down and not to one side.

4.Skirrid mountain inn, Wales

Known as one of the old pubs in Wales. The reason why it holds a haunted reputation is due to capital punishment, sorrows of the dead, and black magic. The pub was an entertainment spot for the kings of England and Wales; they used to rest their horse by using the old mounting stone in the yard.

There’s a swaying rope hanging from the struts within, and heaps of paranormal stories to creep you out.

5.The tower of London

The imprisonment of enemies, execution of kings, the conspiracy of political planning; all kinds of dark and devious acts have been done here amid the crenellation of London’s ancient castles on the north.

Tales of ghost and strange event started with the viewing of a martyred saint named Thomas Becket. However, it was the apparition of Queen Anne Boleyn that caused a massive hype- her headless body seen loitering by the area where she was executed at the order of Henry VII in the 1530s.  

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